Product Information

ThinOPTICS glasses are created from medical device materials, like the super elastic metal alloy, Nitinol. This alloy is used for heart stents and is used for the nose bridge. The glasses enjoy several registered Patents in the US and Internationally.

Are ThinOPTICS comfortable?

ThinOPTICS are extremely comfortable to wear because they weigh less than a Two Rand coin and only apply gentle pressure to either sides of the nose.

Are ThinOPTICS durable? Will they break?

ThinOPTICS are made from thermo-injection moulded optical grade polycarbonate, which is shatter proof and frequently used in safety and ballistic (bullet proof) eyewear. The bridge is made from Nitinol, which is 10x more elastic than spring steel. The Nitinol bridge is encased in medical grade silicon tubing, and anchored in the injection moulded polycarbonate frame. Still not convinced? Check out how we torture test ThinOPTICS in Sonoma, California in this video

How good are the optics?

The optical grade polycarbonate used in ThinOPTICS is the same material that is regularly found in high end Prescription Eyeglasses. ThinOPTICS lenses are made by one of the largest and most advanced optical lens manufacturers in the world.

Why don’t you offer more power options?

Need help determining which optical strength is right for you? Click here. ThinOPTICS glasses are offered with the following optical strength options: +1.00 (Low), +1.50 (Low-Mid), +2.00 (Medium) and +2.50 (High). The Low covers a range +0.75 to +1.25, the low-mid covers a range of +1.25 to +1.75, the medium covers a range of +1.75 to +2.25, and the high covers a range of +2.25 to +2.75. You will want to choose the option that most closely matches your needs. However, since reading glasses are optimized for short-distance reading usage, you will automatically adjust the reading distance between your eyes and the object you are reading. Since ThinOPTICS cover optical strengths ranging between +1.00 to +2.75, nearly all people requiring reading glasses will find a ThinOPTICS option that suits them.

Will ThinOPTICS fit my nose?

ThinOPTICS have been designed to fit the vast majority of noses. They can be positioned higher up the nose to fit right in front of the eyes. For those with smaller or flatter bridges, they can be positioned to fit right above the nostrils. We have tested hundreds of different combinations of nose pad angles and widths to arrive at the optimal design for the majority of noses.

Will ThinOPTICS remain securely on my nose?

Under reading conditions ThinOPTICS will remain in place. For many people, they will stay on for long periods of reading. The highly elastic bridge exerts a slight amount of pressure to keep the readers in place. We also use grip-sensitive paper on the nose pad contact area to prevent pads from sliding forward or slipping off.

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