Proud Supplier of ThinOPTICS in South Africa

There’s nothing worse than wanting to read something, like the nutritional information on a food item or reading a menu, only to realise that your reading glasses are nowhere to be found? Imagine having your reading glasses with you at all times, without the need for bulky glasses pouches or having to wear your specs like a necklace around your neck. ThinOPTICS has made this possible, with reading glasses you can store on your keys or even on your smart phone!

Test Your Strength

The ThinOPTICS Reading Glasses come in four strengths, featuring full-sized shatterproof optical-grade polycarbonate lenses. The ultra-flexible bridge ensures a comfortable grip without the need for arms – no matter your nose shape! Take our VinChard eye test below and discover the ThinOPTICS strength that is best for you…

NEVER Forget Your Glasses Again!

With ThinOPTICS, your reading glasses are always close at hand! Never get caught without your glasses again. See some images of the ThinOPTICS technology below


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